duneWhile our situations in life vary, we each have the capacity to alter the course of our lives.   We have the ability to become the captain of our own ship, the person who controls the transitions in our lives. We can take steps that will result in restored hope, stimulated motivation, and renewed confidence: steps that will guarantee a fresh outlook for the future and a new outcome for our lives. We can attain skills not yet mastered; we can learn to face our fears; we can set fresh, fulfilling goals and acquire the means to reach those goals. We do not have to continue being held captive by the chain of low self esteem.

What is required is a desire to change, a longing and willingness to put focused energy into recovering from the devastating effects of our dysfunctions. Some will see this need to change as a challenge, a roadblock that impedes their movement but one they can dislodge; for others, this need to change will represent an insurmountable blockade.  In truth, we all have the capacity to change if we want to badly enough.  It is a choice. Those who do not opt to work toward change will once again be choosing self-defeating behaviors over those that can enhance and better their lives;  they will be choosing to remain stifled enslaved, and miserable.  Those who choose to work at improving their lives, who actively work at improving their self-esteem, will reap the rewards; each step towards recovery will break on link in the chain of low self-esteem. Marilyn J. Sorensen, Phd from her book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem.

We each have the capacity to alter the course of our lives. I love this message from Dr Sorensen’s great book.  It is a message of hope.  Not only does it apply to those suffering from low self-esteem but for any number of individuals struggling with emotional issues or addiction.

She does not say it will be easy.  It is not.  But neither is living and wallowing in our dysfunctions.

Blessings, roger