About Us

Hello, my name is Roger Stark, I am a licensed Addiction Counselor and a person of recovery.  I am also the author of The Waterfall Concept, A blueprint for addiction recovery.

Education for understanding, solutions for true recovery.

From my personal battle with addiction, my education as an addiction counselor and my daily work helping addicts find recovery, I have come to understand the struggle of recovery in a unique way.  I have seen the heart breaking results for both the addict and family members.  I have not only traveled the road to recovery, I have helped others find it.  I can guide you to it.

My brother John contributes to the blog also.  He is a retired federal probation officer who went on to a second career as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor.  You will notice he has profound insights into the issues and a remarkable testimony of the Savior as you read his blog posts.

I am anxious to make available to anyone in the struggle the information that leads to healing.  If you are LDS and working on addiction recovery whether that be from pornography, substance abuse, alcoholism, process addictions, and other sexual addictions, you should find help here.

Week long recovery retreat for pornography and sexual addictions.

We understand the many issues that commonly occur in the life of any addict and the unique features that being an LDS addict presents.  We lived through them and see them everyday in our practice.

Our approach to recovery at Waterfall is Christ centered.  We are peer based educationalists that utilize clinical best practices and the healing found in the 12 Steps.  We endeavor to not use psycho-babble, only language that conveys healing.  We safeguard the client’s confidentiality and privacy.

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