struggling-manRecovery is a bit of a beast. Many might say a beast on steroids. It does not die easily. The quote from the SA Whitebook says it all, “I don’t need help quitting, I have quit a 1000 times. I need help STAYING QUIT!”

So how do we stay quit? That question has no easy answer, but we do know a few things. AA has announced for years that ½ measures avail us nothing. We must be all in!

We must maintain and practice the Attitudes of Recovery. Willingness to submit to the process, Commitment to stay the course, Courage to face whatever comes, and Accountability, for recovery is impossible without it.

While sobriety is a worthwhile and critical way point, our goal is Recovery and healing (No, sobriety and Recovery are not the same thing!) and finding the opportunity to reach our full potential.

Many start the journey and join recovery meeting groups, find sponsors and work the steps, find a therapist even, but struggle to sustain Recovery. Slips just keep coming despite their best efforts. It doesn’t take long at failing to lose hope that it will ever be achieved.

Recovery Coaching can help. A Recovery Coach has been there and done that! An addict may be able to lie to a lot of people in his life, spouse, family, church leaders, but a Recovery Coach recognizes the lies and can bring Accountability into the process.

It is worth pointing out that some have a more difficult path than others. Addictions can range from the common cold variety to the likes of double pneumonia. The treatments required are quite different. A Recovery Coach can get you on the right treatment regimen.

Often veteran recoverers, those who are going to meetings and have been working recovery for years but still struggling, are just missing one or two linch pin points. A Recovery Coach can help discover them and let Recovery soar.

Take advantage of our free introductory evaluation sessions. Spend 45-50 minutes with Roger and hear what he sees about your struggle. Really no cost or obligation, just one addict talking with another…

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