Insp 3It looks easy, and really a lot of people are doing it, but being human isn’t all that easy.  They say we were excited about it in the pre-existence, couldn’t wait to get here, and then life happened.  Things, it turned out, aren’t all that easy.

We read scriptures, Be ye therefore perfect … Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength … Let your light so shine.

When we feel the Spirit and ponder these great truths we feel desire and commitment rise up in us.  We are anxious to do our good work.  We feel as if our faith and testimony couldn’t be stronger; and then life happens.

It might be the seven deadly sins: anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy or gluttony that tempt us away from our commitment.  Or we may get fogged in by fear, anxiety, discouragement, depression, loneliness or other emotional pain and lose sight of our desired goal.  We are usually surprised by how quickly it can happen.  Sometimes we are just a few steps from the meetinghouse door when our spiritual commitment evaporates and life overtakes us.

It feels frustrating. We might wonder,  “Why do I do this?  Why do I so quickly fall back into embracing my weakness?  Other people seem to be able to not do it.”  And then we invite shame into our life and ask, “What is wrong with me?”  It is a deadly question, because it invites us to believe that we are defective, that the fault lies with in us … Thinking errors begin to pop up for us.  “There is surely something wrong with me.”  That belief cuts us off from our faith.  We are not worthy.  We are not good enough.  We don’t deserve the Lord’s blessing, we are unloveable, for we have done too much.

So what is the problem?  The problem is life isn’t easy.  We also like to make our own expectation about how things should be without consulting God, i.e. “If I have enough faith, God will take my lust from me.”  God’s idea might be that as we exercise our faith and learn new emotional management skills He will empower us to gain control of our lust.  Our job is to work very hard at doing everything we can do.

The solutions seldom come in the form we expect.  That detail betrays many.  When their expectation is not met, and their faith is challenged their commitment dissipates.  “I tried that; it didn’t work.” is their new credo and new effort is impossible to mount.

Some of us are broken.  Childhood or adult trauma or abuse has stolen our ability to manage life.  We suffer tremendous fears and anxiety.  We find ourselves in the depths of depression.  It is a struggle to be “normal.”  But the message of hope is this: Even the broken ones can learn new ways and find healing.

Life isn’t easy.  That is ok.  Accept “life on life’s terms” and not yours.  Put your faith in Christ and endeavor to do your work.  Find others who have found their way, they will share hope, strength and strategies with you.