Recovery is impossible without accountability and it’s required honesty. We can maintain the appearance of recovery, we can make it look like all is well, that we are changing, but it is all smoke and mirrors without the rigorous honesty of accountability. You will need to be more accountable than you have ever been in your life, ridiculously accountable.

Addiction is an attempt to live life outside of accountability. It is the act of avoiding responsibility, consequences and living in denial. Such a world would be the perfect petrie dish for growing pride. Honest, complete accountability is the number one defense we have against the devastating effects of pride, because holding ourselves accountable requires healthy doses of humility.

In the early stages of recovery being accountable is sometimes nearly impossible. Often outside aids are necessary. Because of our addictive behaviors and habits, our will has been compromised. Our desire to act out is stronger than our will to say no. Outside accountability can be a tool that strengthens our will.

Some clinicians require sex addiction clients to pre-purchase a lie detector test that can be redeemed at any time by their spouse. That accountability becomes a deterrent to acting out. It takes away the possibility of secrecy, of getting away with it. The choice to not act out or the will to say no, becomes stronger. Such is the power of accountability.

When we can exorcise the secrets and deceptions out of our heart by being accountable to ourselves and others, we free ourselves of their burden. The weight of our misdeeds, secrets and shortcomings can be staggering. As we continually hold ourselves to the high standards of accountability, we are placing recovery above our addiction. We are saying once again, my choice is recovery over using. That choice made consistently and continually will bring us to healing.

Accountability keeps us safe from our addictions love of isolation, justification, rationalization and denial and our own love affair with pride. Accountability will keep us from being derailed by their influence.

Blessings, roger