The act of coming together again

Insp10Reunification is a relationship recovery regimen for couples that have been impacted by addiction. The marriage takes quite a beating when addiction has been a third party in the relationship.  Betrayals, dishonesty, disengagement, isolation and many other forces attack the coupleship and obliterate intimacy.

It is not unlike the impairments to ships that travel the high seas. Barnacles like to attach themselves to these ships, over time, as they accumulate, the vessels are impaired by their presence and lose speed and maneuverability.  By visiting fresh water ports, the barnacles die and are easily removed, again restoring the vessel’s full speed capabilities. The remains of addiction similarly impair marriages.  But there are remedies available that kill the barnacles, help remove them and bring us back to full speed again.

The program has 3 elements:

  1. Exercises and homework
  2. Individual one on one coaching sessions
  3. Intensive couple sessions

The protocol attempts to address 4 areas of stress in the coupleship.romance beach

  1. Re-establishing trust
  2. Minimizing individual character defects
  3. Barnacle removal
  4. Raising intimacy skills

Reunification sessions are very intensive and scheduled on an individual basis.

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