big waveAll who have witnessed the startling events in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami have been forced to think about our frail existence on this planet. Because of the state and use of technology in Japan, this has been the most recorded natural disaster in history. We all have had available to us, descriptions and video recordings that literally make us feel present during the tremendous quake and the ensuing terror of the tsunami wave. The magnitude of the loss is really beyond our human ability to understand, even when reduced to the individuals involved, such loss is unfathomable. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

Our son has lived in Japan for some 13 years. He has often joked about the many earth quakes. Just part of daily life, he has said. Thankfully, he and his wife live some 800 miles away and although he felt the earthquake, they have so far, escaped its terrible effects.

One heart wrenching story that he has shared with us involved a group of people who had immediately assembled in the designated tsunami safety area at the first sounds of the warning sirens. They had done the right thing. They had even done it in a timely manner. The only problem was the safety area was not high enough and the waters engulfed it.

Several cities had built tremendous sea walls to protect themselves against the threat. They were not enough. Water poured over them and brought destruction to areas that had always been considered safe.

My son told of standing on one of them one day, wanting to swim in the ocean waters, but became discouraged because he could barely see the water and did not have time to make the trek out to the water and back. He remembers thinking that no wave could ever breach that wall. Today the wall is essentially gone.

Sometimes we think we have done enough, when we have not. Sometimes we think we are safe, when we are not. We can not allow those types of beliefs to have a place within us. We must continue to fight and work as if the wave is lapping at our feet and rising. We must fight our addiction and rely upon the Lord as if danger is always present, because even behind our safety walls, even in our safety areas, it is.

Blessings, roger