278660295663229758_mWgGijb3_c-1One of the requirements for recovery or the healing from an addiction, is that we make ourselves available for it.

On the physical level, we have to be present for meetings, counseling, reading, all of the activities that help gain understanding and build skills.  AA’ers often take on the 90 meetings in 90 days commitment, putting themselves physically in the way of recovery, placing themselves in a place where recovery is known to occur.  They are then available for recovery.

The concept makes sense, but many addicts find reasons to resist.  They avoid meetings because it will be embarrassing to go, don’t “believe” in counseling, remain convinced they can do this on their own, and are way too busy to read.  In a result that should surprise no one, recovery escapes them.  They are unavailable for it.

We have to likewise make ourselves emotionally available for recovery.  Chris Franklin, a Seattle based addiction therapist identifies “emotional mismanagement” as a common problem in all addictions.  The mismanagement, things like denial, thinking errors, the love affair with our drug of choice and character defects, all play a part in the development and the sustaining of addictive behavior. They makes us emotionally unavailable.

Appropriate emotional management, then becomes a key to recovery.  When we retain the old denial patterns, perpetuate our thinking errors, keep using our “mistress” drug of choice and ignore character defects, recovery also eludes us.  We are unavailable.  This detours many from the recovery highway.

Spiritually we must also make ourselves available for healing.  If we do not put ourselves in places where the spirit can access us, we will not feel it’s healing power.  We will not experience his life changing love.  We must not only properly position ourselves but also quiet ourselves to hear the still small voice.  Quiet the anger, entitlement, anxiety, depression whatever is going on in our lives that might drown out the spirit’s voice.  We must quiet the emotional storms that lead to our acting out and the resulting “blackout” of the spirit.

Wanna leave your addiction behind?  Start by making yourself available for recovery…