secretOne of the great deterrents to recovery among us is the fear that others will find out about our “problem.”  Many prefer the appearance of righteousness to the real thing.  Folks go to great lengths to avoid the possibility of others knowing that there is an addiction in the family.

Individuals ask what they need to do to get better and leave their addiction behind.  When I suggest the weekly Family Services’ Addiction Recovery Meetings they resist.  “It would be embarrassing to go there,” or “But they meet in our meetinghouse, who would see me there?”  And the fear of stigma and loss of reputation, keeps them away from recovery.  We must find the courage to face the fear, and accept the reality of our situation.  If we hide our addiction and maintain our secrecy, the addiction in the end, will claim us.

And shame on those that create the stigma.  Those among us that are judgmental, that make decisions based on the weakness of others.  We all fall short.  We all have our struggle.  Some who struggle in more socially acceptable areas of their lives, feel free to pass judgement.  They end up denying themselves and others blessings.  The blessing of learning and giving Christ like compassion and empathy, and the fear that their judgements may deny others the freedom to heal.

If we are addicts we need to find the courage to stand and say, “I struggle with this.”  Hopefully others will see our example and find the strength to ask for help.  If we are not addicted,  we need to find the true meaning of Christian tolerance, charity and humility that we may ask, “How can I help?”