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The Waterfall Concept presents a metaphorical description of addiction, how it works and practical suggestions for recovery.  Use of the metaphor and case studies make “sense” of a very difficult subject, and can be very helpful to addicts, family members, and those who wish to extend help to those suffering for addiction.  Addiction is briefly defined along with some of the inherent problems it creates, including the problem addicts have with blindness to their addiction.  The phases of addiction healing; Discovery, Recovery, and Maintenance are described, along with some of the underlying emotional issues that serve as precursors.  The Attitudes of Recovery are discussed, attitudes that are necessary to maintain the work required in the recovery process.  The Rules of Recovery, both early and advanced, are guidelines for conduct that that lead to success.  A series of tools for both early and advanced recovery provide the addict with essential skills that enable success. The Benchmarks of Recovery describe indicators that are present when the healing process is taking place; this is a helpful and comforting guide to both addict and family members.  This Christ centered, 12 step approach leads to a “mighty change of heart” that is the capstone of recovery.