evil queenTwo big lies perpetuated by the pornographers contribute to the pornification of our society. The first is: They want and like it. The second is: Only prudes don’t want to.

Truly the image pornography presents is that women are hyper-sexual and evidently enjoy anything forced upon them. They are just waiting to ravaged by whatever sexual pursuits their man can conjure up. Uhh, guys, that is a thinking error. Intimacy is a joint venture. The boundaries of which are established by mutual consent, no matter what you think your “needs” might be. The joy of it all is the mutual exploration and response to each other. The re-enactment of your porn fantasies fall far short of that goal.

Nothing is uglier than the smug announcement of a sexual abuser that she really wanted it. It is my belief that those words will ring in his ears in hell.

Only prudes… is a very interesting argument. It is demeaning and insulting and is a label that can make a woman uncomfortable. As Gail Dines in her book Pornland, says, “women who fear being dismissed or prudish often are understandably scared off by the insult.”

Dines goes on to point out that if someone raised the argument that fast food was not good for us, they would not be dismissed or castigated as being anti food or anti eating. Most individuals could separate the impact of what fast food might be doing to us from the human need and joy of eating.

Pornographers and it’s consumers on the other hand push past that discernment and label women who object or resist as prudish, old fashioned and repressed. Making the inference that, surely, there is something very wrong with them.