Recovery Coaching


From addiction, we do not heal alone.  It is a cunning and baffling disease as AA teaches, but it is also progressive in nature, complicated, powerful, confusing, relentless, and there is also the point that as the addict, we are blind to our sickness.  We need help!  Coaching is an excellent way to attack an addiction and find Recovery.

Recovery Coaching has three basic elements: Education, Skill Building, and Life Coaching.  The Education provides understanding, Skill Building brings ability, and Life Coaching integrates and establishes application.

Coaching focuses on identifying and extinguishing addictive behaviors, establishing sobriety and building recovery skills.  Compulsion is the state defined by the equation: The urge > The will to say no.  Coaching is dedicated to reversing that equation.  Finding skills and techniques that lower the power of the urge and raise the will to say no.

Coaching allows that there is a body of knowledge (education) universally required in nearly all recovery experiences.  It also recognizes that information should be gained as quickly and easily as possible and need not be dependent on time consuming and costly classes or group sessions.

Recovery requires a very specific set of skills.  Acquiring them is the work of recovery.  In the our Recovery Coaching program, The Essential Recovery Skill Set is clearly defined and a path built for each client to achieve the skills that lead to healing.

Recovery does not equal sobriety, recovery goes beyond the mere stopping of using one’s drug of choice.  The program embraces SAMHSA’s recovery definition: A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.  Full potential is what we are seeking!

Again, we can’t get there alone.  The “blindness” created by our addictive behaviors gets in the way.  If we don’t take action, it won’t just go away.  A seasoned, experienced voice can make the difference between healing and continuing to deal with the fallout of acting out.

The benefits of Recovery Coaching are:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Gain understanding of how addiction works
  • Seeing your addiction with a different pair of eyes
  • The time savings and convenience
  • Getting feedback on what is holding you back
  • Reframing your thinking errors
  • Identifying behaviors that keep you in your addiction
  • Gain tools and skills that lead to recovery

And of course, there is the Been there, Done that factor.  As a recovering sex addict that has worked as a licensed Addiction Counselor, I have unique perspective and understanding of the Addicts struggle.

Request a free “Evaluation Session” using the box below.  You will learn a little about yourself and your addiction and get a first hand feel of how this program works.  You will spend about 50 minutes in a coaching session, it will give you a chance to see if you are comfortable with this approach, and me the opportunity to judge if I am qualified to help you.  We will just talk about your situation and what is going on in your life.  No charge, no obligation.

Treatment Failure?  Lots of treatment but not much sobriety?  Been working a Program but can’t get any traction?  Put another set of eyes on it!  My experience has been that there are usually just one or two things that can change everything.  A good coach will see it quickly.

For more information or to begin scheduling a free session, drop us a line with your contact information.