Reveille Mini-Camps



Designed specifically for addicts, their families and helpers, Reveille Speaking Engagements and Mini-Camps are intensive recovery experiences. The curriculum brings understanding by making sense of the addiction mess, and provides the solutions that make recovery possible. These events are especially designed for those who have struggled to find healing or have experienced treatment failure.

Mini-Camps are cost free and work on:Recovery(LowRes)

  • Education – Understanding the disease
  • Planning — Charting the Recovery Path
  • Goals — Outlining the goals of recovery
  • Change — How compulsions are extinguished
  • Helpers — The helpers role
  • Rules of Recovery — The rules that lead to recovery
  • Benchmarks — How we measure success
  • 12 Step Work – The key to spiritual healing
  • Skill Building — Raising the ability to change
  • Tool Gathering – Acquiring the tools of recovery
  • Usual Suspects — These guarantee recovery failure

Bring your desire to change, we will show you how.


Who should attend:Candels(lowres)

  • Addicts and recovering addicts
  • Family members
  • Helpers
  • Church and spiritual leaders
  • Counselors and therapists
  • Treatment providers


April 29th, Outer Circle Club presentations in Houston Texas. Living in this Particular Moment, and Reunification, A Couples Workshop.

September 30th, Addiction 101, Vancouver, Washington


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