The Rules of Recovery

The Recovery Highway

The Recovery Highway

When you find yourself trapped in an addiction, recovery can seem impossible. Here is a list of rules taken from The Waterfall Concept, that will guide you to a healing conclusion! If you aren’t following these rules, you probably aren’t experiencing recovery from your addiction. These rules are for the early part of recovery, there is another set for advanced recovery work.

The Waterfall Concept, A blueprint for addiction recovery, also provides, in addition to these rules, a list of tools and skills that we need to develop to find recovery. The book also provides a list of benchmarks that should appear as an addict proceeds through the recovery process. Those benchmarks serve as a witness for addicts and family members that progress is being made. When they do not appear we face the reality that recovery is not being accomplished.

The Rules of Early Recovery


1. Shut up and do the work. Your best thinking got you here, so don’t try to think your way out. Just get humble, very very humble and teachable and do the work of recovery.

2. Don’t believe you own BS. Denial has many voices.

3. Make confession, full and complete. When you kill the secrets you begin to kill the addiction.

4. Remove all access to your addiction. Destroy any sources, contacts or relationships that were part of your acting out. Throw out the trash!

5. Start working the Twelve Steps.Accountablitiy(LowRes)

6. Turn your will and your life over to the Savior for His care and keeping (and leave it there!) Submit, submit, submit. Develop an attitude of submission. (Step three of the Twelve Steps)

7. Find support groups, a sponsor, therapists who understand addiction and your faith. Your recovery is like a jigsaw puzzle, you will find pieces (answers) in many places.

8. Establish and maintain sobriety.

9. Keep a Recovery Journal.

10. Find your feelings. Reconnect with your emotional self.

11. Move from your emotional based decision making process to a spiritually based decision making process.

12. Become ridiculously accountable.

13. Begin a quest to find serenity, a benchmark of recovery