These last few years have been quite interesting. I have been given a chance to look into the lives of many good people and see and hear their struggles.  I live in the addiction world and see the waste and carnage daily.  The lost lives and broken dreams.  People come for help, hoping to find some understanding of the struggle they are in.   The faces change, the stories are different, but usually the goal is the same. How do I bear this, how I do I get well? How do I make sense of this curse of addiction?

In reality, I am just another broken human being.  I am not the guru at the top of a mountain.  My mistakes have been many and have caused havoc in my family. I have much to repair… I raise the voice of one who has struggled and at times lost to addiction. Whose life was out of control. Who harmed himself and others.

I have been blessed to catch glimpses of another way. I have in no way arrived there and should not be confused with someone who has. But in those wonderful glimpses, when I see the love of our Savior for us and His healing reach and touch, I for a moment understand and know that in the end it will be alright if we reach and struggle to get to Him.

We can understand so little in our human state, and yet it is enough if we allow our knees to buckle and humble ourselves before Him and ask, “What do You want me to do?”  Our eyes will be opened later,  it is all right, just trust Him and turn it all over to Him and take the next right step.  If we need understanding before we proceed, the train will leave the station without us. Faith is the ticket that allows us to board.  Faith requires no explanations…

blessings,  roger