This site seeks to serve the LDS addiction recovery community.  Whether that is the addict, a family member or a helper there should be information that will help here.  We do that in a number of ways.

Roger’s blog discusses addiction issues and gives insight into the world of recovery.

The Waterfall Concept, A blueprint for addition recovery, written by Roger Stark, a licensed addiction counselor and a person of recovery is a very practical description of guidelines, rules, skills, and tools that help one navigate the recovery process.  You may read a synopsis, reviews, a few pages or purchase a copy.

We are also home to Waterfall Counseling where we treat addiction recovery whether that be substance abuse, alcoholism, process addictions, sex addictions, including relationship addiction, and porn addiction.

Our “Things that Help” page is a resource of recovery aids that can be helpful in finding healing.

Our “Understanding Addiction” pages and “If you were abused” provide insight for understanding which is the first step of recovery.

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