walkingI visited with a friend the other day and she surprised me.  She had a very traumatic childhood and had struggled to manage her emotional life as an adult.  Rage was her number one tool of empowerment.  The rage gave her a sense of power but left her without friends or partners, she chased them all away.

As we talked she recounted a story to me that in the past would have ended in rage that she handled in a very healthy way.  I marveled at her new skills and couldn’t help asking how she had accomplished it.  She said, “I just walked through it.”

She had learned the art of living in the moment, of managing her emotional life in a very new wait.

Here is how Gina Charles, founder of the F.U.E.L.  Your Life Living Meditation at Authentic Living with Gina Charles.

When I realized that I am the one responsible for my life experience, and that no one can save or enlighten me but me, I decided to scrape together enough self-worth to show up for myself. Realizing that you are worth the effort is the carrot you need to dangle in front of your baggage-laden cart.

Contrary to disassociating, diverting, or resisting emotion, I embrace it. I allow my feelings and emotions a chance to get a word in edge-wise, as opposed to feeding the fire by rehashing a mental story.

Mentally dwelling on a problem can perpetuate feel-bad feelings. Instead, I acknowledge my distressing situation from more of a bird’s-eye view as not to fall submersed into the story. I silently acknowledge, and witness my emotions as they manifest and evaporate.

In doing this, I have stepped up for myself. I’m teaching my mind that the natural process of flowing emotion is not going to endanger or kill me. I am discarding old programming, and installing new, empowering programming. I am clearing my own runway for takeoff.

If you try to get past the storm, you will take it with you. The way out, is through.

A day that I do not take a few moments to silently feel, is a day that I’m not fully going with my own flow. If you try to get past the storm, you will take it with you. The way out, is through.