liesI am surprised in my clinical practice how often I am helping people deal with the Six Big Lies of addiction. They appear across all the addictions and are part of the addiction repertoire whether the addict is medicating, recreational, or struggling with biological and cultural predisposition. They literally seem to work across all addictions and in all types of addicts. They do more to perpetuate addictive behavior than anything else I can think of.

They are:

  1. It won’t hurt anything
  2. I will just have 0ne.
  3. You deserve this.
  4. I can handle this alone.
  5. No one will know.
  6. I don’t care.

If any of these should pop up in your consciousness or inner chatter/self-talk, say hello to your addict.  These lies are spoken by the voice of the addict that resides within us.  On the surface they may seem so innocent, so believable, even truthful.  Without conscious awareness and personal accountability we might fall for them.  It is critical that we dispute them.

  • For surely, using again will hurt you.
  • When have you only had one?
  • You deserve to be healthy and free of addiction, not trapped by it.
  • Handle this alone?  Dude! alone,  your best thinking got here, reach out!
  • You will know, and that is the person that really matters.
  • And the most dangerous of all, I don’t care.  This is territory where sobriety does not survive.  The problem is at some point, sooner or later, you will care.

To maintain sobriety and serenity, don’t fall for the Six Big Lies.

Blessings to all,