faithThis being human thing is not as easy as it looks. Most of us are pretty sure God is there, that He loves us, that the Savior really lived and died for us. We confess belief in the gospel easily, we know the Book of Mormon is from God and Joseph Smith really was a prophet. We know all of these things and yet sometimes we still struggle.

Here is how one person put it. I have been SO blessed, and yet the funny thing is I still do dumb things. I always imagined that being so blessed would prevent me from getting into trouble. My “carnal” nature just doesn’t want to let go, though. Yeh, we have faith, we even are using enough to be blessed and we still do dumb things.

Sometimes we like to be jealous or don’t want to forgive the nincompoop. We often fall into worry or fear and anxiety, some of us struggle with the depression of our shortcomings. The human part of us creates some pretty strong impulses, our various addictions are proof of that. We struggle with these things, and even though we believe, we still do, as our friend stated, dumb things.

So many times, in counseling sessions, the question get asked, How do I not have anxiety? How do I not act out? How do I get rid of this pain? So much struggling, while we are already carrying around the cure. We already have the antidote, we just fail to use it.

Our faith is the answer. We need not fear or practice the worry that creates anxiety. He is by our side. Only 2 things ever happen to us. We have opportunity to learn and grow (which I realize can sometimes include struggle and pain) or He will miraculously deliver us. Both are pretty good outcomes. In the midst of all our struggles, He will lighten our burden, remember the heavily taxed and enslaved Nephites, their faith lightened their burdens to the point they were easily borne. Couldn’t we all use that kind of help?

It is accessed via the pathway of faith. When we turn our lives, our minds and will, over to Him good things happen for us. We only get in trouble when we take back our will, because we are afraid or angry or selfish or we have our heart set on acting out.

Use your faith, maintain your position of faith. Turn your anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, addiction, envy, lust and hate over to Him. Seek only His will for you in this particular moment. Live this moment well, practicing your faith. And then the next and then the next. String together as many continuous moments of living by your faith as you can.  You will soon be amazed at the difference in your life. Instead of being surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of  sin and addiction, you will find the peace of serenity. You will find the love and peace and comfort and security of being in the Saviors care and living a life well lived. You will be free of your dumb things.