acceptance7This quote is from Invisible Heroes, Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, by Belleruth Naparstek, a book of guided imagery for emotional healing:

And suddenly you are certain, you know with your whole being, that you are healing.  That you will continue to heal.  That a time is coming when you will accept your sorrow; dismiss your shame; release your anger; forgive yourself; reclaim your strength; and express your gifts…

This is the moment of recovery when we realize that what we have been doing is working.  Things are changing, and we can feel it.  The action verbs that Naparstek uses to describe the healing process are instructive.

We will accept our sorrow; dismiss our shame; release our anger; forgive ourselves; reclaim our strength and express our gifts.

Sorrow we accept but shame we dismiss.  Sorrow is part of the experience of life, designed to lead us to change, Godly sorrow, brings us to Him that would heal us.  Shame on the other hand is the great separator.  When Adam and Eve felt their shame it drove them to hide from God.  It removes us from his healing presence.  Only when we learn to dismiss our shame can we access Him.

Release anger, let it go, free yourself from the burden of containing it.  When anger is released, we can turn our attention to forgiveness.  Forgiveness for those around us, and more importantly forgiveness for ourselves.  Forgiveness we desperately need to extend and receive.

When we can take these steps, we begin to reclaim our strength, when our strength is sufficient our gifts begin to be expressed.  Gifts the world needs.  Gifts we need to give.

May we all so heal.  Blessings, roger