SpiralstairI often meet people at their worst moments.  Years of struggle and frustration, pain and self-destructiveness drive them to knock on my door.  Not necessarily because they think that I have the answers, but because they know they do not.

Life has not worked out according to their plan.  But then not many plan to develop an addiction.  What is the song from Les Miserable say, “I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I am living.”  And it isn’t just addiction that can derail us.  Things like low self esteem, anxiety, depression, shame and a host of other emotional ills can log jam our life.

We know enough that we think we should be able to figure it out.  We are self reliant enough that we think we should be able to fight through it.  We are embarrassed enough that we are afraid to reach out for help.

But when we continue to fail, we sometimes feel as if our life is collapsing around us.

My witness is simple.  There is another way.

Many have stood at the point of realization that we had to do “something.”  Standing on the wreckage of our lives, near to losing hope, we look for the life preserver.

The joy and peace of serenity and recovery are the exact opposite of languishing in our addiction.  I have met some who cannot even with help access the new way.  Some have no interest.

But the voice I raise is that it is there, it can be found, it is available to all…