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This page is devoted to recovery aids.  The items appearing here are not paid advertisements but services that in the opinion of this webmaster can be very helpful in the recovery process, so give them a look!  Blessings, roger.



Rachelle’s Call’s  cd “Recovery. The Music.” directly addresses the 12 step program by using music as a tool to aid people in recovery from addiction and other problems. Each of the 12 tracks describes a spiritual truth that inspires hope, faith and a deep transformation in the heart of the listener. Click here to listen and order



Saavi Accountability

It often requires that we have additional accountability in the early stages of recovery.  Things that help us stay “ridiculously accountable.”

From their website: Saavi Accountability is the most effective approach for individuals or parents to hold themselves or their family members accountable. Saavi Accountability is an Instant Online Accountability Program that lets you set the standards for your home, and then enables parents or accountability partners to receive instant text message and or instant email notifications anytime your personal standards have been violated.

Saavi Accountability assists you or your children in overcoming online addictions.   Available Now for PC and Mac! Click here to learn more.



If you are hurting from with any emotional burden, but especially abandonment issues, you will benefit from reading this wonderful book and learning to practice it’s wisdom.

From their website: BLACK SWAN is a form of book therapy — you gain emotional benefit by reading and enjoying the story. Afterward the text serves as a reference for the TWELVE STEPS OF EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALING — the actual steps involved in overcoming the loss of a love. You learn to discover your center, cleanse your abandonment wound, build your sense of self, and make a connection to love.  To learn more, click here.


Heart t’ Heart

Heart t’ Heart is an LDS recovery website maintained by Phil and Colleen Harrison.  They are recovery pioneers and have had tremendous impact on the recovery movement within the LDS culture.  I have a great personal gratitude for their programs. From their website:

In Heart t’ Heart, we try to bring problems together with their solution.

Do you (or a loved one) have a problem? A problem of any nature? Is there some aspect of your life in which you are out of control, unable to “govern” yourself, where you cannot see a solution? Is it your weight? A relationship with another person–a parent, spouse or child? Are you unable to handle your money or live on a budget? Do you clean and control your environment too much–trying desperately to make things or people’s lives perfect? Doing so all in the name of what is right, of serving others?

You promise you’ll never do it again! You promise you’ll never overeat again, never throw up again, never write bad checks again, never yell at the kids for no reason again, never look at pornography again, never take another pill again, never make another wager, never, never, never! You promise God, yourself and anyone who will listen that you’ll never repeat your destructive behavior. And you are sincere — heartbreakingly sincere. But repeat them you do. And you do. And you do. Day after endless day, your life repeats itself. You are caught in a cycle of repentance and relapse. You are in bondage.

You may have a compulsion or an addiction, and you may need the help that Heart t’ Heart can provide.


Writing has long been known to be a wonderful clinical tool for healing, this site provides a terrific format for those seeking addiction recovery. From their website:

LDS Addiction Recovery was founded with the goal of helping addicts recover through writing. Writing is very important for addicts and their loved ones, as it can assist us in sorting through our feelings and healing emotionally. LDS Addiction Recovery seeks to provide a safe environment for addicts and loved ones to be able to share and, through sharing, assist others as well.

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