time2One of the great realities life forces upon us, is we only have this particular moment in which to live.  Our life experience unfolds in our allotted number of present moments.  Our existence only occurs, present moment by present moment.  We cannot exist in the past nor the future.  Reality is based exclusively in the present moment and we ought to make every effort to occupy these moments as they occur.

Life’s great accomplishments happen in their own unique moments.  We are born in our beginning moment and close our lives with the moment of death.  We love in the moment, we sing and dance in the moment, we rejoice in our moments, even our failures have their own particular moments of dreadful achievement.

We cannot run back to our moments of the past and change anything.  They are relegated to our personal history and no matter how many times we revisit them we are powerless to change anything about them.

If we are wise, we will learn wisdom from those past moments.  That can be a wonderful thing to harvest and take forward with us.  All too often, however, the harvest of our revisits to the past are disappointment, shame, hurt, self loathing, or self-pity, all of which are serenity and sobriety killers.

In a similar way, we cannot run into the future and fixate our future moments into now.  They must wait for their own particular time and we must wait to live them.  No amount of anxiousness or worry or dread can change that.  We cannot worry ourselves into happy future moments.  Even pulling out the big guns of our controlling behaviors fail to ensure happy endings.

Planning and preparing for future moments is totally appropriate and emotionally healthy.  Planning and preparing do not include worry.  When the line is crossed into worry and anxiety we not only do nothing to improve or control the outcome of the future moment but we also waste our current moment harvesting negative emotions that impair us.

All that is wonderful of life happens in a particular moment that we have chosen to participate in.  Love, both giving and receiving, peace, comfort, joy, satisfaction, accomplishment, happiness and all of their like cousins only happen when we come into, participate in, and experience a particular present moment.

Likewise the negative emotions, hatred and it’s sibling anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety all have their creation and existence attached to an over-investment of living in the past or future.  Our resentments grow as we review perceived past moments of injury from others.  Our anxiety takes off as we frenzy about future events we feel ill prepared or unqualified for.

Going either direction out of our present moment, to the past or future, nets us little or no emotional gain.  Very often the harvest of those visits encumbers us and destroys our personal peace, wasting the precious potential of the present moment then occurring in our lives.

The addict with his formidable isolation skills and double agendas, may accomplish the dubious fete of being physically present for wonderful life moments, but be unable to share in them.  AWOL, not emotionally present by way of addiction, present but unattached to the particular moment of reality.

This moment is truly, all that we have.  The past is history.  The future, as of yet, is not real.