Treatment Groups

Waterfall counseling offers weekly treatment groups for those struggling with addiction issues.  Groups convene electronically and work through a treatment curriculum.  This is not a support group (LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program for example, functions as a support group).  Individuals in a process group will be expected to confront issues openly in a therapeutic setting.  A great deal of information is presented and a fair amount of homework is required, only those serious about recovery should become involved.

These cost effective, educational/process groups are arranged in two phases (Beginning Recovery and Advanced Recovery) of 12 weeks each.  Be prepared to confront your issues in the presence of others.  Confidentiality is a high priority and the support found in the group can be very helpful.  These sessions require Skype capability.  To learn more about skype, click here.

The advantage of electronic groups is the convenience and lack of travel.  Groups can be attended from the privacy of your home or office.  A very high standard of confidentiality and anonymity is maintained.

Upcoming Schedule:

Recovery Groups are on summer break and will return in October 2011.

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