Potomac Fireside

Dear ARP Group Leaders, Facilitators and all those who might be interested,

We are honored to have Brother Roger Stark, author of The Waterfall Concept: A blueprint for addiction recovery available on Sunday evening January 29, 2012 from 6pm – 8pm for a very special, informative fireside at the LDS Church Building in Potomac, MD.  The address of the Potomac building is 11700 Falls Road, just off Interstate 270.

This fireside, sponsored by LDS Family Services and the Washington D.C. stake, is open to ALL ARP Group Leaders and Facilitators as well as any interested Group Participants/Meeting Makers.  The fireside is also for anyone who would like to learn more about addiction.  Priesthood leaders, Relief Society leaders, parents, teachers are all welcome!  We ask that any youth under 16 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Here is a brief synopsis of what Brother Stark’s presentation will be about:

Section 1.  Understanding addiction:  the problem addicts have with blindness; what denial looks like; how do people become addicts.

Section 2.  How to recover from addiction: how to get to Christ for healing; the 4 attitudes of recovery; the rules of recovery; the tools and skills that help us heal spiritually.

Section 3.  Why the Addiction Recovery Program works: the importance of the 12 steps; the benchmarks of recovery; how to help people change.

Please let me know how many are able to come from your group/ward/stake.

Sincerely,    Kyle Oswald, LCSW-C

Counseling Manager/Office Manager LDS Family Services, Maryland Agency    301-694-5896 (office)

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