Online Addiction Counseling

Finding the right addiction counseling can profoundly shorten the recovery process.  The reality is, we don’t heal alone.  The “blindness” created by our addictive behaviors gets in the way.  If we don’t take action, it won’t just go away.  A seasoned, experienced voice can make the difference between healing and continuing to deal with the fallout of acting out.

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“Getting it,” understanding the addictive process and your faith, is half the battle.  It takes years to figure it all out by yourself.  Meanwhile, advice and counsel of untrained or unskilled helpers about addiction and recovery is often counterproductive, sometimes naive and sadly, occasionally even laughable.  You deserve better than that.  You deserve your life back.  Your family deserves to have you back.

One on ones consist of individual therapy with Roger.  They are the most productive and effective way to facilitate recovery.  Sessions are conducted with skype technology.  (To learn more about skype, click here.)  These are intense, private sessions that delve into the issues and solutions for overcoming addiction.

The benefits of online counseling are:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Gain understanding of how addiction works
  • Seeing your addiction with a different pair of eyes
  • The time savings and convenience
  • Getting feedback on what is holding you back
  • Reframing your thinking errors
  • Identifying behaviors that keep you in your addiction
  • Gain tools and skills that lead to recovery

Sessions are very private, and tailored directly to the client’s situation and needs.  Initially sessions are usually conducted weekly for the first month and then continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The initial session is conducted at no charge to determine if there is a “therapeutic fit.”  That gives you a chance to see if you are comfortable with my clinical style and philosophy, and me a chance to determine if I am qualified to work with you.

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Why counseling? We don’t recover alone.   I have seen it play out so many times, individuals reluctant to use counseling, struggle year after year to find recovery.  (It costs too much. Really? Think about it, what would you give to be done with this? I am too busy? Too busy to heal? Too busy to get your life in order?)  Most of the excuses  are generated by the addict inside of us, from our addict voice, the voice that keeps us trapped in our addiction.

A good clinician can cut your recovery time immeasurably.  He can keep you working on the issues that need to be worked on, when they need to be worked on.  These things you will not see on your own nor will untrained helpers.

Why LDS addiction counseling? Because your counselor needs to understand not only addiction and recovery, but also your faith.  There are some profound perplexities created by Mormon culture for LDS people suffering with addictions.  And also, your faith can be an incredible asset to healing and recovery.  A non-LDS counselor will struggle to get all that.

Why counseling with Roger? Well, partly because I too am in recovery from addiction.  I get it in a very personal way.  Yes, I am also trained and licensed to work with addicts, but much of my understanding comes from having walked the path.  I am also a Latter-day Saint, born and raised in the faith.  My recovery was built around my faith and testimony of the Savior.

No Charge for the First Session of One on Ones. Sign up for a first session.  It will give you a chance to see if you are comfortable with my counseling approach, and me the opportunity to judge if I am qualified to help you.  We will just talk about your situation and what is going on in your life.  No charge, no obligation.

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