batmanRecovery work is never done. There is no completion point. The compulsive behaviors we are trying to leave behind are, for the rest of our lives, always an option. Patrick Carnes PhD, explains it in terms of “neurological pathways” that remain ever present in our brain and therefore always available to be used.

The antidote is the constant vigilance of doing recovery work. Doing something every day for your recovery. Whether that is attending a meeting, talking with a recovery buddy, writing in your recovery journal, or reading recovery material; today and everyday, do something that promotes your recovery.

The story of “cookin’ frogs” illustrates the danger of switching to auto pilot after we think we have “achieved” recovery. If you want to cook frogs, don’t throw them in hot or boilng water, they will jump out. Even they know it is too hot in there! Put them in room temperature water and slowly turn up the heat. They will not notice the slight increases in temperature. They will even enjoy the hot tub feel of things and luxuriate in their good fortune, until just before it is too late. But then that is the point. It is too late, they are cooked!

Stopping recovery work after we think we are healed has the same result. Our denial will allow the heat to be turned up without our awareness. We will slowly let our addictive thoughts and behaviors again have a place. Oh my yes, it will seem innocent enough. We will feel very confident, very sure we are safe, there is no danger, I have recovery. And then, unfortunately, we are again cooked!

Rule #1 for recovery is: Shut up and do the work. If we are addicts and we seek true healing and recovery, we will never, ever, in our lifetime, not have to follow Rule # 1.

Do something today for your recovery!

Blessings,  roger