I asked a group the other day if they were ready to be done with their addiction. everyone quickly responded yes. Some pointed out that the answer was obvious because they had made the commitment to attend treatment. I then asked how ready are you really?

One of the hallmarks of a person making progress in recovery is an attitude of “What ever it takes!” We know that “half measures avail us nothing!” Our commitment must be complete.

To explore the emotions around commitment I like to pose a hypothetical question. Suppose that to recover you must attend a recovery group meeting held in your meetinghouse. The church where you have gone for perhaps 30 years. People you have known for a very long time, people that like and respect you, people that have no idea that you struggle with an addiction, would see you. You would be “outed” as an addict. I again remind group members that going to this group is the only way for you to recover. Would you go?

It is a helpful way to explore some of the issues that keep us trapped in our addiction. I have been on both sides of this issue, at times unwilling to suffer the embarrassment of others knowing, and at times forging ahead no matter who would find out.

I have learned that when I can forge ahead, when I don’t care anymore who finds out, when I can do what ever it takes, I find healing. When I resist and try to hide and give place to my pride, I just go through the motions and recovery escapes me.

Think of the prodigal. Somewhere amongst the swine he found the humility that carried him home to his Father. He knew the embarrassment he would face, this fallen favored son, but he did not care anymore. His pride had been exorcised amongst the swine. He only wished to serve in his Fathers house.

We must follow his example, rid ourselves of pride, fear, embarrasment and do whatever it takes. No matter where the meeting, no matter who will see us. Go. Do whatever it takes and you will find healing.