sportsThere is probably no more used and worn phrase in the recovery lexicon than “One day at a time.”  Yet seldom does a recovery discussion wander very far from it.  This one day we are living is where our recovery happens.

Tomorrow is not real.  We can not heal there.  Not yet.  Our chance will come when we get there.  Don’t allow your mind to escape to a fantasy future that you script, it is not connected to reality.

Yesterday has escaped us and remains unchangeable.  No new recovery can be gained by letting your mind live there.

So this is the day we must do the work.  This is the day we must win.  This is the day we must hold our selves accountable and stop our lying denial.  This is the day we must find a way to walk away from the urge.  This is the day we must replace dysfunction with healthy living.  This is the day we must heal our inner broken heart.

This is the day we must win. For the reality of it all is, this day, this moment, is all we have.