showerYesterdays recovery is like yesterdays shower … Not gonna solve your problem today.

“It works if you work it …” And there in lies the problem, there is no warrantee if you don’t work it. No promise, no protection. Each day needs it own work of recovery to keep us safe.

When we fail to go to a meeting, read recovery material, say our prayers, make our telephone calls or do our daily commandments of recovery, we invite our addictive behaviors to rule, once again, our roost.

Ann Lamont forewarns us by saying, “You can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town.” Our addict never gets very far away even when we are doing everything we should in recovery. When we let up our efforts, he takes it as an invitation, a door left unlocked or open for his mayhem’s re-entry into our lives.

When you put in a day, you get a day. It is a pretty simple formula, and one that can not be cheated. There are no free days. The recovery work we do today paves the way for another day of sobriety. And that is how we heal. It is following AA’s not well kept secret, “one day at a time.”

Newcomer: “How do I know how many meetings I should attend each week?”
Old-timer: “Gradually cut back until you drink. Then you’ll know.”