prayerAn addicts prayer:  ”God, help me to serve others, because, you know how I am.”

Indeed, He does know how we are.  As addicts we share a common heritage of being concerned with ourselves first.  Our “I want what I want, when I want it,” mantra is never far from running our show.  The antidote we must take as often as we can is to serve others.

Surprisingly, we often don’t realize how selfish and self centered we are.  Our addiction comes with a nice auxiliary package of blindness that helps us ignore that.  We very often think that we are “great” guys and gals.  But don’t try to take our acting out away from us … you might be shocked and see us, well, as we really are.  Addicts would much prefer that you never, ever, look behind the curtain.

“When I am thinking about you, I am not thinking about me,” my friend often says to me. Not so much to remind me to serve, but to remind himself that to arrive at healing we must trod the path of service.

On a very personal note, it has been a rather remarkable blessing in my life to work with others in their struggle to find recovery.  Helping them find it, has shown me where it is.  I love Bill W’s wife, Lois’s comment after Bill was discouraged that he had spent 6 months talking to drunks, housing them, teaching them, and not one had left his drunkenness.  “None of them are sober,” he lamented. “No Bill, but you are.”

Sometimes it is challenging.  Those that need help, aren’t very likable, or maybe they don’t want your help, thank you very much!  But if we can just remember; We are all flawed, each one, you and also I.  All of us.  All then fall into the category of needing forgiveness and assistance from time to time.  To qualify for forgiveness we must extend it to others.  It is the only way we can get enough.  To eliminate self-rightoues judgement or question, extend forgiveness and understanding to all who travel through life with us, is our challenge.  It opens the gate that allows us to serve.

I offer the prayer for myself and all of us:  ”God, help me to serve others, because, you know how I am.”

Blessings to all, roger.