How to Date Someone with Addiction

Whether we like it or not, drug addiction is becoming more and more of a reality in our lives. While it depends on a country and a level of income and many other factors, you are still quite likely to know someone who has been using drugs or is using them right now. Therefore, it will be useful to know the peculiarities of the psyche of people who are addicted to drugs or meet single women online.

Alas, it is possible to count on a serious relationship with drug addicts only if they expect tangible benefits from dating with you. The stories told by them, even the most pitiful, are often just a prelude for the worst things to happen. Your wallet went missing all of a sudden… you get the idea. If a new partner says that he will put an end to his addiction for the sake of you, do not rush to believe it – even with the most modern therapies, the probability of cure does not exceed 30-35 percent.

What is it like, being married to a drug addict?

Oddly enough, all drug addicts deep inside of themselves are extremely insecure people with a developed inferiority complex. Therefore, they are in dire need of friendship and love. And, of course, they are able to experience these feelings.

Drug addict couples are sometimes distinguished by enviable stability (unlike the unions of drug addicts and healthy people). And friendship often lasts a long time.

But there is big but about it. Among drug addicts the relationships are not similar to the generally accepted ones: for them the main value in life, in almost any situation, are drugs. It is at the time of the search or sharing of drugs that mutual reproaches and insults begin, old grievances are recalled – and it leads to nothing good, obviously.

When there are enough for everyone drugs, the relationship between drug addicts is idyllic. Touching care, sincere loyalty, dedication, willingness to share the last piece reign in companies and families of drug addicts – if they do not hang over the threat of being left without their favorite thing in life. All offenses are forgiven, and mutual deceptions and insults seem to be just everyday trifles.

Undoubtedly, parents should not encourage friendship between children addicts, nothing good can be expected from it in the future. Most likely, one of them will try to use the other for their own purposes, including drug trafficking. While your kids may hate you for being too strict and controlling, they will never understand the importance of protection that you will give them right now that will reflect itself in the future.

By the way, the cases when one of the addict friends robs the other’s apartment is not at all uncommon.

The same should be said about marriages. As a rule, in the family, a full-on rejection of drugs is impossible. Partners unwittingly provoke each other to use dope, and the roles within the couple may change: for some time, one is more of an active addict, then the other. At the same time, when it comes to interactions with other people, they full-on reject drugs as the worst thing in the world. Yet in reality they are fighting their partner every day for the last dose of dope.

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