How to Support Your Addicted Spouse

Refrain from providing financial support to the addict.

The addict always needs money, so he is looking for financial support, which can be provided in various ways. For example, he can offer his services: go for groceries, pay utility bills,marrying a ukrainian woman, or invent another reason to get money into his pocket, which they then spend on drugs.

Many drug addicts agreed to drug treatment because they could not find the money to buy the next dose. Consequently, they experienced withdrawal symptoms, after which they sought help.

Talk to the addict.

The fight against addiction of your loved ones is aimed at providing them with professional medical care. Explain that you consider drug addiction as a disease, the consequences of which affect his health and life. Use the right time, for example, when alone with him and free from distractions, when no one will interrupt your conversation. Try to speak, without anger or raising your voice.

Usually, when the addict is calm, he responds better to your concern, compassion, then to crying or anger. Talk about the specific consequences of drug addiction, what will happen to him, to all people close to him. If he is receptive to your words or questions, then ask him about his readiness to seek professional help. You can invite him to undergo such treatment anonymously.

Forced addiction treatment.

When an addict does not respond to the care of relatives and close people to help him, then an intervention should be forced upon him.

What is intervention? An intervention is a carefully planned process that is performed by family and friends, in consultation with a doctor. It includes doctors, lawyers and other professionals who care for a person in the fight against drug addiction. Drug addicts often refuse to admit their disastrous situation, so they refuse to seek medical help. Medical intervention allows family members to make a change in the situation before it gets worse.

The intervention should take place where the addict feels relatively safe or free. Do not try to block the door and such. Prior to the use of such intervention, it is better to consult a narcologist or psychotherapist. The presence or consultation to this person can be very helpful, especially if the addict doesn’t react well to help that is offered to him or becomes angry.

Avoid pity or anger.

Usually anger gives way to mercy. The addict knows this well. At first, family is suffocated with anger, they threaten the addict with consequences, and then retreat from their decisions. Anger gives way to pity.

This is a renovated common experience of all families where there is a drug addict. Therefore, avoid anger, avoid pity. Drug addiction is a disease, the roots of which need to be pulled out not with pity or anger, but above all with medical intervention.

Do not let addiction impose your conditions upon you.


1) it’s easier to beat the enemy together, and family members should unite to help the addict in beating this disease;

2) you cannot control the addict for life, but you can turn this life around.

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